Peter Millar


“Tom and Joe have a tremendous ability to identify areas for improving e-commerce businesses. Their approach blends analytics, tactical operational improvements, and of course web design and digital marketing. For Peter Millar, all of this must be done while maintaining high brand standards. Tom and Joe appreciate the importance of brand equity and have done an exceptional job blending the brand component into Peter Millar’s customer acquisition and website strategies.

The hands-on approach taken by Tom and Joe is very different from the typical outside advisor or consultant. While they do offer guidance and help the team map out a path for achieving goals, Tom and Joe’s biggest differentiator is that they roll up their sleeves and actively work on projects with the team, operating like internal business partners. The outcome of this approach is undeniable improvement: customer acquisition, revenue and profit growth, operational enhancements, higher customer satisfaction, and a more organized and defined strategy for the future.”