Global Sugar Art


“I first met Tom and Joe at a conference in Orlando where they were invited to speak about growing an internet business. I was immediately impressed with their unpretentious, forthright, and caring approach. They stated the facts and spoke about the commitment and hard work necessary to succeed. Having been in business for many years, I knew all too well that there were no magic formulas or quick fixes to any business-marketing problem. No one was promising me the moon. Their candor, humor, and factual information convinced me that I should consider their consulting services. I signed up for the Tom & Joe Boot Camp, and our journey began.

My boot camp day in Raleigh was filled with valuable information, advice, concerns, business contacts, questions, and a lot of talking through the unique issues my business was facing. At the end of the day, I was exhausted yet consumed with a renewed energy and enthusiasm for a business I have operated for 12 years. Tom and Joe continue to help me implement the necessary changes needed both on my website and in my marketing strategy. I am more than excited about the future. These two men have the knowledge and experience for which I have been searching a long time. They back up their advice with proven track records on several other e-commerce sites.”