Ecommerce and connecting directly with consumers are critical for a consumer brand in today’s evolving world. We had some experience with digital marketing and Ecommerce prior to meeting with Tom in one of his bootcamp sessions, but we were primarily focused on the wholesale part of our business. We knew we needed to evolve and do it fast, but we did not know exactly how to balance this this with our existing business and we didn’t know exactly how to proceed forward. Tom started by learning about our existing business and helped frame the opportunity and challenges in front of us. He was critical in our decision to make the commitment to Ecommerce and helped us prepare and start to make strides in that direction. He laid out a plan for us and helped us at each critical juncture in that process. Now at the end of the first year working with Tom, we have achieved all of our Ecommerce goals and we have built the brand with consumers. There is no doubt Tom is an expert in the world of digital marketing and Ecommerce. His perspective is extremely valuable, and importantly we have calls regularly and he’s available so it’s like having another team member that’s just as invested in your business as you are.